Friday, July 8, 2011

Windows XP XC Excellent 2011 Terbaru v.2.2 (SP3)

Windows XP edisi 2011 yang baru saja dirilis ini bisa anda dapatkan di masterGOmaster, OS windows ini diberi nama Windows XP XC 2011 atau nama panjangnya Windows XP eXCellent 2011 yang dibuat oleh iCharge. Windows XP Pro 2011 modifikasi ini disematkan fitur terbaru yakni anda dapat memindahkan ikon-ikon pada system tray dan taskbar dengan sekali geser. setelah aku coba memang sangat eXCellent untuk OS ini segera anda dapatkan selagi gratis. untuk informasi tambahannya silahkan baca berikut ini:
Emissions by name: Windows XC (eXCellent) 2011.
Basic Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 version 5.1 build 2600.
Operating system: x86 (32 – bit).
Certification SATA: Yes.
Language: English / Thai (Thai keyboard set up automatic Optical).
Windows Activation: Activation and Cool Edit that.
Installation mode: automatic seat without orders.
Customization by: iCharge.
New features.
- Order the program on the Taskbar.
- Optimized the boot. (Starts off the computer).
And programs that increase credit
Everything v1.2.1 (search for Windows).
. Net Frameworks (1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 SP1) by jd976.
HashTab add-ons by Gorki.
CPLBonus by Kel.
Klite Mega Pack 5.9.
IE8 add-ons by OnePiece.
Taskbar Shuffle.
Winrar 4 beta 5.
OEM Info by Winstyle 2008.
Edited by ricktendo64 RefreshClock Addon by iCharge.
[Update Pack.]
UpdatePack 1.4.5 by user_hidden.
Ambient by tornado5 / Ambient shellstyle by Gelosea.
Royale / Luna by HoLY CoMM @ nDo.
WMP 12 for XP by XceNiK, fediaFedia, Gainnisgx89, Mening12001.
Comix Cursors White by Teft.
Aero Shadow (Normal / Medium / Big) by Herby.
Size: 715,396 KB


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