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SoulCalibur Game PC (PC/Full/Eng)

SoulCalibur Game PC (PC/Full/Eng)

SoulCalibur Game PC (PC/Full/Eng)
Game Platforme(s) : PC | Language : English | Release Date : Sept 09, 1999
Publisher : Namco Hometek, Inc. | Developer : Namco Ltd. | Genre : 3DFighting | Size: 674 Mb

Namco outdid themselves again with another superb title stemming from Soul Edge and Soul Blade fever. Soul Calibur for the Sega Dreamcast takes major advantage of the 128-bit system's processor. This game shows off perfect martial arts forms performed by incredibly realistic, motion-captured polygon models that move fluidly at 60 frames per second -- without any slowdown. Who would've believed that Namco could top its own Tekken series? Soul Calibur deserves more than what can be said about it and credit is due to the ingenious minds at Namco for feeding the hungry mouths of its audience by pulling out all stops.

Along the same lines as Soul Edge, Soul Calibur's premise pits history's greatest weapon-wielding warriors against each other until one character defeats the rest in order to obtain the Soul Edge, the most powerful sword in the universe. It was cursed by evil and was lost after the defeat of Cervantes, only to be discovered by a new host, Siegfried, who later became known as the Azure Nightmare. He would then unleash the evil within the sword upon the world. Years later, he is seen destroying cities and villages as he makes his way towards the Black Forest. Sophitia and Taki return along with other familiar fighters and some new, oddball ones like Voldo, the dreaded guardian of the Money Pit.

Soul Calibur is so minutely refined that it doesn't even need an explanation or a backstory for everyone to enjoy playing it. With incredible playability and tasty eye candy, even the non-fighting game type wouldn't want to blink as they witness the beautiful opening intro scripted with the actual in-game graphics. The stages take place in different parts of the world, while the last stage takes place in space with the fight against Inferno. Both players on the screen duel on a platform where if you fall off into the water or the void, you die immediately.

Speaking of eye candy, Namco has been known for their use of high resolution, vibrant colors, smooth animation, superb effects, and lightning speed frame rates. Soul Calibur's awesome visuals will make you drop your jaw. There are no apparent graphical glitches nor breakup, and no collision detection problems in this game. The camera angles can be controlled while you watch the replays -- unbelievable. What you're treated to is a top notch, nearly-CG display of models and backgrounds that look like paintings, if not the real thing. Also, with animation as smooth as butter, the replay factor can be wiped off the charts just for that alone as you'll want to keep coming back for more to witness the awe-inspiring beauty.


* Arcade-style 3D fighting action.
* All-new game modes not included in the original arcade game.
* 10 characters, all with full 8-direction movement and control.
* Master unique moves and uncover secrets.
* For 1 or 2 players


SoulCalibur Game PC (PC/Full/Eng)

SoulCalibur Game PC (PC/Full/Eng)

SoulCalibur Game PC (PC/Full/Eng)

SoulCalibur Game PC (PC/Full/Eng)

SoulCalibur Game PC (PC/Full/Eng)

Minimum System Requirements

* Os : Windows Win98/XP/Vista/Win7
* Processor : CPU Pentium III/AMD 750 MHz
* Memory : 512 Gb
* Video Card : 64 MB
* Sound Card : Compatible with DirectX ® 9.0
* Hard disk : 750 MB

Recommended System Requirements

* Os : Windows Win98/XP/Vista/Win7
* Processor : CPU Pentium IV/AMD 1.6 GHz
* Memory : 1 Gb
* Video Card : 128 MB
* Sound Card : Compatible with DirectX ® 9.0
* Hard disk : 800 GB


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